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IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Band Scorer

Want to perform better on your next IELTS writing test? With our AI scorer, you can add your IELTS task 2 writing question along with your response and let the AI do the rest.

The AI checks your work against the task 2 band descriptors in the same way an IELTS examiner would and then issues you with a score. The tool was developed with the help of current and former IELTS examiners and is therefore extremely accurate.

Corrected Results

Get Your English Writing Corrected

Submit your work to our AI and it will find all the mistakes and make corrections where necessary. The corrected work is then displayed back to you side by side with the original so you can clearly see where all the corrections have been made.

This is a great tool for teachers who are marking work as well as students who want to see where the errors are in their sentences. The tool was designed for non-native speakers who want to correct there work with only the minimal necessary changes.

Improved results

Improve Your English Writing

This AI tool takes your work to the next level. You can submit your work and then the AI will try to improve the English and make it more natural and elegant.

We recommend this tool for both native and non-native speakers who want their work to be flawless and sophisticated.


Cheaper Than Doing An IELTS Test

IELTS tests currently cost between $215 and $310 USD. You can get a band score with high quality feedback for less than a dollar – even better than an IELTS test!

Created by IELTS examiners

Have the confidence to know that scores are randomly checked for accuracy by former and current examiners.

Almost Instant Feedback

Average turnaround time is less than 30 seconds per submission.

We Don’t Save Your Credit Card Info

Credit cards details are handled by third party service.

No Commitments. Pay-As-You-Go

No need to subscribe. Just buy what you need when you need it.

Side-by-side Comparisons

You can see all the changes the AI made to your work with on-screen side-by-side comparisons and all the corrections highlighted.


Pay For What You Use

Everything is Pay-As-You-Go. You just top up and the credits are added to your account. Credits do not expire and live for the lifetime of your account.

Currently, payment is accepted in only two currencies: USD and CNY. USD customers can pay with any credit or debit card including the following:

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CNY customers can ONLY pay with Alipay (支付宝) or WeChat Pay (微信支付).

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For more information on pricing, please review this blog page.

Cost Per Service

  • IELTS Writing Task 2: $0.0009 USD and ¥0.007 CNY per word.
  • Improved Submissions: $0.0004 USD and ¥0.003 CNY per word.
  • Corrected Submissions: $0.0004 USD and ¥0.003 CNY per word.

Please be aware that some services have word count limits that can be found on their respective service pages.

About Us

The site was created by Nick Rogerson, a former IELTS examiner from the UK based in China. He is both a teacher and programmer. Nick has spent many years travelling and teaching English around the world and has a strong understanding of the needs of language students and teachers. With the advent of modern AI and complicated Large Language Models, teachers and students can leverage this technology to improve their language skills and efficiency.

Teachers can use this site to correct work in minutes and students can freely submit their work to get instant feedback whether they are preparing for an IELTS test or just want to write better English.

Long term, we will be looking to add additional functionality, including IELTS Writing Task 1 and the IELTS Speaking Test as well as support for other languages such as Spanish and Chinese.

Nick Rogerson

How can we help you?

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I get my results instantly?
No, every time you submit your work, the turnaround time can vary from a few seconds to over a minute. It largely depends upon how many words you submit and how busy the server is.
Can my work be detected by an AI detector?
More than likely. If you just ask it to correct your work, then you may get away with it. The improved submissions undergo major changes to the sentence structures and can leave an AI fingerprint, so it’s not recommended for work you intend to submit formally.
Can I test it first?
Yes. Contact us via the contact form and we'll send you a voucher code.
Does my work get saved?
Yes. All your submissions are saved on our server and can be accessed and reviewed when you like.
Can I download my results?
Yes. You can download either a PDF or DOCX (Microsoft Word) version of your work. The options are displayed at the top of the results page.
Can I download my results in bulk?
Yes. Go to one of the results pages and select the results you wish to bulk download and in what format. You will receive them as a zip file.
Can I upload documents or do I have to copy and paste everything in?
Yes, you can upload docx, pdf, txt and rtf files directly without having to copy and paste the content in.
Can I upload multiple documents?
Yes. You can submit a folder or zip file and drop in to get improved and corrected results. This service is not available for IELTS Task 2 at the moment.
Do I need to sign up to use the site?
Yes. This is because you will need to add funds to your account to use it and this can only be done with an account.
How many words can I submit?
Up to 5000 words per submission for Corrected and Improved results. The limit for IELTS Task 2 is 600 words.


Can I make multiple submissions and get an average score?
Yes. We keep track of all your scores and give you a median and mean band average.
How accurate is the IELTS Writing Task 2 Scorer?
Very accurate. The app has been tested against scores given by current and former examiners. We are also currently looking to improve performance and make it even more accurate than some current examiners (who only have to be within 0.5 of a band anyway).

That said, Large Language Models (LLMs) that are used to perform such tasks can hallucinate and give odd results, so errors can sometimes occur.

If you think the score is wrong, then you can challenge it by reporting it to us and we may refund it.
Do you have an IELTS Writing Task 1 Scorer?
No, but this is currently in the pipeline. IELTS Task 1 is slightly more nuanced than task 2 and can require the AI to have some understanding of images and graphs which is currently under development.
Can I get a real examiner to check my work?
No. All submissions are checked by the AI and then sent back to you with an explanation as to why you were given that band.
Where can I find IELTS Writing Task 2 questions?
You can Google around to find current questions reported by candidates. Here is a recent list to get you started.


Does credit I add to my account ever expire?
No. Any money added is there for good.
How do I top up?
Just click on the “Top Up” button in the Members’ area and you can choose how much money you would like to add to your balance. You will then be redirected to Stripe to make a purchase.
Do I need a credit card to top up?
USD customers need a credit or debit card.
Can I pay with Wechat or Alipay?
Yes, so long as you choose Chinese Renminbi (CNY) as your currency, otherwise you need a credit/debit card.
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