Everything is Pay-As-You-Go. You just top up and the credits are added to your account. Credits do not expire and live for the lifetime of your account.

Currently, payment is accepted in only two currencies: USD and CNY. USD customers can pay with any credit or debit card. CNY customers can ONLY pay with Alipay (支付宝) or WeChat Pay (微信支付).

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Please be aware of this distinction before choosing your currency as you cannot change currency once it has been set.

The minimum top up amount is $5 USD or ¥50 for CNY customers. All transactions are undertaken by our payment partner Stripe. We also don’t save any payment data such as credit or debit card info, so you can rest assured.


We charge by the word (not by the 100 words), so you pay for exactly what you use. You can clearly the see the number of words before you submit and we’re cheap!

Writing Corrections & Improvement Services

$0.04 per 100 words charged per word at $0.004.

We currently offer this service for English, Spanish and Chinese. It is aimed at non-native speakers who would like the AI to guide them along, specifically the Correction service which will show you exactly where your mistakes are and how to correct them.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Service

Due to the complexity of the IELTS Writing Service, the price is slightly higher.

$0.09 per 100 words charged per word at $0.009. In RMB, the price is charged at ¥0.7 per 100 words or ¥0.07 per word.

You have to submit a minimum of 250 words for your answer (as stated in the IELTS literature.)

There is also a cut off of 600 words as there’s literally no point in writing anymore, plus it is unrealistic someone is capable of writing that much in the space of 40 minutes.

The minimum cost is thus $0.15 or ¥1.25 for each submission you make plus the length of the question. Thus, you should expect to pay a minimum of 17¢ or ¥1.40 per submission which we feel is acceptable to almost everybody and keeps it accessible to all… unlike the prohibitive and excessive cost of the IELTS test itself which is due to price gouging by the British Council a supposedly UK registered charity.

We also currently support explanations in 15 languages other than English free of charge which provide a reasoning as to why you were awarded the score you were given.

Minimum charge per any submission is $0.05 whether you submit 1 word or 150 words.

Once you submit your work to our server, we will process it and save it for you. You are then free to delete or download it as a PDF or DOCX file free of charge.



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